Our company is 100% Turkish Capital System Integration, Procurement, Contracting and Project Management company. In 2012, NITEL was operating as a limited company engaged in Structured Cabling Product Sales and Application, Bank Branch Infrastructure Works and Earthquake Reinforcement Studies. Later in the beginning of 2014 with a new partnership with a 25-year experience, a strong cadre who has a reputation for doing business in this market NITEL TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING CO. It turned into.

It has become even stronger by adding new skills to the existing business structure. NITEL aims to be the Solution Partner of Technological Constructors, Data Processing Centers and Energy Infrastructures by focusing on the engineering and contracting services required by advanced technology. Our main areas of activity are;

• Data Centers, Disaster Recovery Centers

• Information Technologies, Server Rooms

• Telecommunication

• Energy Infrastructure

• Plant Operation Services

• Data Center Components Maintenance Services

• Certification and Consulting