Data Center

When moving a data center, the greatest challenge is to complete a seamless move if possible.In this regard, you can communicate with our expert engineer cadres.

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TIER Certification And Consultancy

We offer Consulting, Project, Project Management, Controlling and Certification services for new or existing Data Centers and common areas with expert engineers and ATD Certified cadres.

TIER Certification;

Uptime Institute;Data Centers are to be able to classify in accordance with the existing features and aims to convert this classification of general practice structure when a certain standard.

The institute continues to improve in line with the objectives set trends in the industry since 2010, now it has been one of the major parameters. Based on Uptime Institute standards it is possible to evaluate Data Centers under two main headings.

1) Topology

  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3
  • Tier 4

2) Operational Sustainability

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

With our experience in Data Center design, you have the option of consulting with our AccreditedTier Designer (ATD) certificate, which we have about the new establishment or the current ownership of your Data Center infrastructure in terms of modernization. The data center construction and operation service, which conforms to the Tier (I, II, III and IV) levels determined by UptimeInstitute, is also included in our service portfolio.

Energy And Data Infrastructure

Energy Infrastructure Solutions; Redundant Energy Infrastructure Design and Applications in Accordance with the Standards

Data Infrastructure Solutions; Network System, Fiberoptic & Copper Cabling, Patching Services

Maintenance Services

7/24 We provide expert maintenance and operation services for uninterrupted service and business continuity. In this scope;

We provide periodic maintenance, call-based maintenance and troubleshooting services for all data center components.

Services we provide:

• Energy Infrastructure

• UPS, Generator, ATS, Panel

• Precision Controlled Air Conditioners

• Fire detection and extinguishing systems

• Hydrant line, pump group

• Automation