TIER III Data Center, which is the main contractor of NGN CROC company, is located in the area of ​​1300 m² and includes all components from construction, electrical, mechanical, cabinet, structural cabling and automation to the supply of product ... The 700 m2 Data Center, UPS-A, UPS-B and Battery rooms on the B4 floor and MCC in case of rough construction are accepted by the employer in June, 2014; Construction of chiller and generator platforms, installation of all epoxy panels and fireproof coatings on ceilings and walls, elevated flooring systems, 2x1000kW Freecoolingchiller, mechanical installation, Novec1230 systems, 2 generators, 4x500kva UPS, all AG panels and infrastructure platforms , 256 rack cabinets, cold corridor and pdu installations, copper & fiber infrastructure systems, and all systems were successfully delivered at the beginning of December 2014.

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